Political Islam in the Workplace



Thursday 26 April 2018, 3 pm to 9 pm


Congressional Auditorium, Unites States Capitol, Washington D.C.


Keynote Speaker - Congressman Steve King

Joseph Trindal - Director of Programs, Engility Corporation; Leading Department of Justice ICITAP and OPDAT programs; Former President, InfraGard National Capital Region; Former President and Chief Operating Officer, Akal Security.

Frank Figliuzzi - Chief Operating Officer, ETS Global Risk Management, Inc; NBC News National Security Analyst; Former Director, Corporate Investigations and Assistant Chief Security Officer, the General Electric Company; Former FBI Assistant Director of Counterintelligence. 


Rachel Ehrenfeld - Director of American Center for Democracy and Economic Warfare Institute.


Sam Senev - Advisory Board Member, Financial Sponsor and Lecturer, Global Institute for Entrepreneurship; Chairman & CEO, Global Private Funding, Inc.

Pierre Spain - Corporate Director, Delta Airlines (rtd).


Nancy Hartevelt Kobrin - Universidad de Granada; Psychoanalyst, Arabist, Counter-Terrorism Expert.


Philippe Chansay-Wilmotte - Lawyer, Brussels Bar with extensive experience working for governments, including Islamic governments.

Zoltan Ladanyi -  International Security Expert; Former Security Officer, AIDA Cruises. 

Leslie Shaw - Associate Professor, ESCP Europe Business School.


Eli Gold - Senior Vice President, London Center for Policy Research; Senior Fellow, Soran University; Former President and Chairman, The Harbour League.


London Center for Policy Research

American Center for Democracy


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