Islamic Radicalism in the Workplace


Thursday  16 November 2017, 9 am to 6 pm


Cercle National des Armées, Paris



Kagusthan Ariaratnam – Security, Defence, Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism Analyst

Over 25 years’ experience including Directorate of Military Intelligence (Sri Lanka), Research and Analysis Wing (India), Canadian Security Intelligence Services and Royal Canadian Mounted Police. 

Dan Benisty – Head of Compliance [Classified]

Responsible for compliance programs and suspicious activity reports. Principal point of contact for French Central Bank and Financial Intelligence Unit.

Patrick Brunot - Lawyer, Paris Bar

Foreign Trade Advisor to the French Government

Philippe Chansay-Wilmotte - Lawyer, Brussels Bar 

25 years’ experience working for governments, including Islamic governments.

Eric Denécé - Director, French Centre for Intelligence Studies (CF2R) 

Consultant to French and European companies on intelligence and risk management issues.

Ghislaine Dumesnil - Bus Driver, RATP Paris Tranit Authority (rtd) 

Author of a book describing the infiltration of the RATP Paris Transit Authority by Salafists.

Jean Froelicher – Consultant, PwC France

Consultant to private and public sector organizations on security issues. Leads seminars on detecting and preventing workplace radicalization. 

Wilhelm Gaier - Security Analyst 

Security Analyst and soldier with 15 years’ experience in the government and private sector.

Nancy Hartevelt Kobrin - Psychoanalyst, Arabist, Counter-Terrorism Expert

Author of 4 books on Islamic terrorism, works extensively with military and police world-wide.

Zoltán Ladányi - Chargé de Mission, LPN Group Global Security Solutions

10 years of worldwide multicultural management in defense, security and tourism. Managed over 150 nationalities in more than 50 countries speaking 13 languages.

Madeleine Nicole Maillette – Officer, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (rtd) 

Over 30 years of government experience as a police investigator, military intelligence analyst and electronic technologist. Currently writing a doctoral thesis on counter-terrorism.

Thibault de Montbrial - Lawyer, Paris Bar 

President, CRSI National Security Think-Tank. Member, Scientific Council of French War College.

Rob Out – Policy Advisor on Radicalization Detection & Prevention

Expert on training and policy advice for European Commission Radicalization Awareness Network and OSCE. Board Member, European Commission Radicalization Awareness Network for Police. Four decades of experience in the Netherlands national police force.

Leslie Shaw - Associate Professor, ESCP Europe Business School 

Training corporate executives in negotiation and conflict management for over three decades.

Clifford Smith – Attorney, Washington Project Director, Middle East Forum

Expert on Islamic issues in regular contact with key individuals in the White House, the State Department, Homeland Security and Congress.

Pierre Spain – Corporate Director, Delta Air Lines (rtd) 

30 years of front line operational experience with a global airline covering Europe, Africa, Middle East and India. 


ESCP Europe Business School



Corporate €500, Private €150. 

Applications will be vetted and are subject to approval by FIRM.


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