Political Islam is waging a war against the West and one theater of that war is the workplace. 

Corporates are soft targets for terrorist attacks but aside from the threat of violence they are also easy prey for Islamists deploying nonviolent tactics in pursuit of their goals. The strategy takes the form of systematic demands for the accommodation of Islamic practices in the workplace and if such accommodations are not granted, accusations of discrimination and lawsuits against employers. 


To the quantifiable economic cost of enabling Islamic rituals on the job must be added the intangible cost, less easy to measure but just as serious in terms of damage caused. This is the impact on workforce cohesion, reduced socialization and the emergence of factions. As in Western society in general, there is a risk of division within the corporation and the development of parallel groups in the workforce that will ultimately fracture the organization along religious lines.

Our survey of Western corporates revealed that over 50% had to handle Islam-related workplace issues on an occasional or regular basis. The problems ranged from absenteeism for religious feasts to interference by external religious representatives, collective praying and refusal to work with a female colleague. In the USA and Europe thousands of lawsuits have been filed against employers for alleged discrimination.

While in Europe corporates are gradually overcoming a reluctance to discuss these issues out of fear of accusations of Islamophobia, in the USA the constitutional right to religious freedom has been hijacked by Islamists as an instrument to advance their agenda and stifle debate. 





Forum on Islamic Radicalism and Management was founded in October 2016 by a concerned group of individuals from the corporate, intelligence, security and academic sectors to raise awareness in and provide support to corporations faced with the global threat of political Islam. 

We are supported by a network of professionals in areas including Islamic doctrine, human resources, corporate security, law enforcement, national security, intelligence, law and psychometrics.





  1. Build a task-force drawn from business, security, law enforcement, civil society and lawmakers to counter political Islam. 

2. Organize international conferences on political Islam as it relates to business and management. 

3. Develop and disseminate effective responses to the threats to free enterprise, democracy and freedom of expression posed by the spread of political Islam.

4. Equip corporates with the knowledge and skills required to handle critical workplace issues – demands for religious accommodation, lawfare, detecting and reporting radicalization, workplace security and employee preparedness.   

Political Islam in the Workplace


On 16 November 2017 at the Cercle National des Armées (Army, Navy and Air Force Officers' Club) in Paris FIRM hosted the world's most informed experts on Islamic radicalism together with senior executives from flagship corporates. They came together for the world's first conference on Islamic Radicalism in the Workplace. A wide range of topics was covered. From religious accommodation to detection of radicalization. From lethal attacks on soft targets to lawfare against employers. From micro-financing of jihad to security and protection of employees and customers.

The second FIRM conference - Political Islam in the Workplace - took place at the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. on 26 April 2018. On 15 November 2018 a third conference - L'Islam politique sur le lieu de travail - was held at the Palais du Luxembourg, seat of the French Senate. 

Our next conference will be held in Paris to coincide with the publication of the French version of our forthcoming book Allah au Travail.

Corporate Training

If political Islam is impacting your organization we can help fix the problem. 

FIRM has developed a unique and innovative methodology to enable employers to firewall their organizations against political Islam. From detecting and neutralizing insider threat to dealing with demands for accommodation, we can show you how to take back control of your workplace from Islamic agitators.

A member of our team is available to meet with you, listen to your concerns and deliver a solution. 


To apply for an invitation to attend our upcoming events please send your contact details.


The China Threat

The Wuhan virus pandemic has put the activity of FIRM on hold, notably the cancellation of a conference scheduled for the French Senate on 12 June 2020, the publication of our book Allah on the Job - Political Islam in the Workplace and a further conference in Washington DC planned for Q4 2020.

Pending a return to normal, FIRM is collaborating with SPECTRE Global Risk Solutions on a project related to the economic threat that the People's Republic of China poses to the West.

This threat is more immediate and deadly than the threat of political Islam. The PRC, whether intentionally or accidentally, has succeeded in doing in less than two months what the Muslim Brotherhood and its terrorist offshoots have been aiming to do since it was founded almost a century ago - bring the Western world to its knees. 


The first step in this project is a survey to gauge the views of the international business community concerning the nature of the China threat and the measures required to counter it.


We are planning a conference in Washington DC later this year, when things get back to normal. This conference will have two panels, one on the military threat and one on the economic threat. A second conference will be held in Europe.

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